Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

Who We Are

Our mission

Building Brothers helps local churches develop a leadership core of men who are pursuing God, becoming Spiritual Fathers, and capable of reproducing that pursuit in the lives of other men. The reproduction process includes creating a clear “path” that leads men from spiritual immaturity to Spiritual Fatherhood. This reproductive process develops leaders who become Spiritual Fathers, who then create a meaningful legacy, make an impact in their churches and communities, and experience true significance in their lives.

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Our motivation

On the surface, the ’90s seemed positive for the men’s movement, with hundreds of thousands filling stadiums for Christian events such as Promise Keepers. But a crisis was emerging.

Men returned home from these events perceiving, consciously or unconsciously, that success required churches administering a series of programs and events for men, each outdoing the previous one, lest attendance plummet. This dependence on programs set up men for failure.

Consequently, per studies by The Barna Group, the percentage of church-going men involved in church life dropped, from 42% in 1991 to 28% by 1996.

We exist and are motivated to help churches address this crisis.

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Our approach

Building Brothers is dedicated to helping local churches remove four universal barriers keeping men from actively pursuing and knowing God:

  • The “Father Vacuum,” where men view God as they view their earthly fathers, a misguided and unfulfilling perspective
  • Perception of most men that the church is a “feminine” place, and an unsafe environment for dealing with personal and spiritual issues
  • A lack of viable role models for men, and few male leaders in churches who inspire trust and unity
  • Unhealthy relationships with God, where men either seek God’s approval through performance or give such that God owes them a payback. This creates a relationship with God, based on obligation, that can lead to isolation and bitterness

Building Brothers overcomes these barriers by working with church leaders to:

  • Reshape the church as a safe, masculine environment for men, a place to come home to
  • Develop men into “servant leaders” who inspire unity and trust
  • Discover and define their unique pathway to building men into Spiritual Fathers
  • Help men in their personal pursuit of a healthy relationship with God

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