Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

Wesleyan Building Brothers Advocates

WBB Advocate

A WBB Advocates primary mission is to carry the WBB “message” to his Church Leadership (and any other Church Leadership in his Area) such that they commit to engage their men in the WBB Process. Additionally, the Advocate is committed to getting a core group of Pastors/Leaders “registered” to attend a WBB MLE. MLEs will soon be available throughout the US at different cities and frequent schedules. The Advocate, if he can recruit a critical mass of Churches (10-12) in his Area, may desire to evaluate and seek “approval” for an MLE in his Area. However, it is desirable that Advocates attend an MLE prior to sponsoring an MLE in their Area.

After being approved as an Advocate, he will be given access to WBB Promotional Tools, cost information for WBB promotion Materials and MLE events, and given access to a Building Brothers Field Coordinator for ongoing support.

Advocate Requirements

  1. Read the “Spiritual Fathers” Book
  2. Familiar with the WBB Process
  3. Has a passion to serve men; has some history leading men; desires to help men become Spiritual Fathers?
  4. Is connected to a local Church
  5. Supported by local Pastor as the man to promote and possibly implement an MLE in the Area? (Pastor has to sign the Advocate Authorization Sheet)

MLE Requirements (for Advocates who seek approval for an MLE in local Area)

  1. A minimum of 20 Pastors/Key Leaders must be in attendance
  2. Need active and committed Pastor participation
  3. MLE must be trained by a Building Brothers Trainer
  4. Can support the Costs based on the WBB Pricing Structure
  5. Facilities that allow for a safe Masculine Environment – round tables arranged for groups of 4-5 men interacting …available for three consecutive days of training.
  6. Training date scheduled through Building Brothers calendar
  7. Local Area Coordinator identified – 12 weeks prior to LT
  8. 20 Men Registered 21 days prior to Male Leadership Experience date
  9. Must be local Church initiated, sponsored and supported
  10. Provides a $500 non-refundable down payment due at time BB reserves and commits to Leadership Training Date

WBB Area Coordinator An Area Coordinator is “approved” to implement an MLE in a local Area. The basic requirements for an Area Coordinator are:

  1. The man is an Advocate in good standing
  2. Has attended an MLE
  3. Can meet the “requirements” listed for a local MLE
  4. Understands the WBB Implementation Process
  5. Has local support (commitment and resources) to assure the MLE is successful.

Upon approval, the Area Coordinator is provided the WBB Implementation Binder to help plan and implement the MLE and is also put in direct contact with an assigned BB Field Events Coordinator for support in the Implementation