Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

Transformational Process

Building Brothers helps church leaders overcome the barriers that have led to a crisis within the church through a one-year Transformational Process:

  • Leadership Training: Designed to help a church pastor and his core leadership team, this intensive three-day seminar will include a meaningful measure of transformation, as you understand the importance of becoming a Spiritual Father and are introduced to the Four Phase Training that follows. This training explains and begins the transformational process to take men from immaturity to spiritual maturity.
  • Four Phase Training: Comprised of four distinct quarterly trainings over a one-year period, these highly interactive sessions combine relevant questions with essential dialogue, to engage at a personal level with the aid of the Holy Spirit.
    • Phase 1 training: Filling the Father Vacuum and Building a Safe, Masculine Environment
    • Phase 2 training: Understanding and Becoming a Servant Leader (Building Unity and Trust)
    • Phase 3 training: Identifying your Unique Church Pathway to Build Men
    • Phase 4 training: Pursuing God and Becoming a Spiritual Father

These trainings help Church leaders lead their men through a personal transformation to pursue God, become Spiritual Fathers, reproduce and serve the Church, and work to meet the Crisis.

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Your opportunity

Identify your next steps by answering a few questions…

Where are the men of your church? Are they lost in the woods, asking for help, searching for the way back, or perhaps taking some initial steps? Do you see the need for change in the culture of the church, to make it a place of safety and trust where men become Spiritual Fathers, and where men reproduce additional Spiritual Fathers by following a defined pathway? If so:

Building Brothers will walk alongside you and your church in the battle taking place for the hearts of men.

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