Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

Words from a Layman

I had never heard about Building Brothers before but thought it could help my spiritual growth as a man and as a teacher at Grace Chapel. I showed up to the training and immediately felt more comfortable by the way the room was laid out—specifically that there were extra chairs and that we weren’t all crammed into the room. Dan shared four presentations that were very thought provoking as he backed them up with stories and scriptures. The piece that stood out the most to me had to do with the idea of creating a male environment for men to grow in. It was good to understand that the church needs to facilitate and accommodate the fact that men think and process differently than women. I teach an adult Sunday morning class made up of an eclectic group of adults. I felt there was a strong take-away lesson that I could immediately apply. It was clear that to impact my church I need to first change myself. I immediately started thinking, “What is a specific, bite-sized tangible lesson that I could end my teaching time with?” I wanted to come up with a way to help them think about this specific lesson during the week and remember to bring it back the next week to discuss it. I learned that it needed to be small enough that the class could achieve what it was that I was asking them to do. I’ve tried to get away from the real general stuff and hone it down to something more specific and concrete. The need to do this as well as asking many questions was strongly reinforced by Dan. I’ve seen the people in my class thinking on a deeper level since I’ve made an effort to do this more often. As time goes on I expect to see more of the group feel comfortable answering and getting involved more personally in the class.

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