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Words from a German Doctor

Matthias is a young, bright doctor in Germany. Germany has one of the most controlled and hierarchical medical communities in the world. After he understood the mandate to lead as Christ led, he went back and applied the principles of servant leadership to his job: (1) He focused on those he was leading. (2) He communicated the vision and gave it away to them. (3) He set clear parameters within which they were free to function. (4) He released them to achieve the goal. (5) He watched them to remove obstacles they could not remove themselves. (6) He celebrated with them when they were successful. (7) Lastly, he reaffirmed them for who they were and not what they did.

Four months after he had committed to lead by serving, Matthias sent the following email; and shortly after that, he became one of the youngest certified chief surgeons i Germany.

Dear Dan,
Let’s try further on with the telephone. At the weekend I should be most of the time at home, so I try it again. I have encouraging news. Since October I am in charge of the OR and one of the surgical wards. My chief trusts me very much and I can plan and check a lot of things on my own responsibility. But the major point because I am telling you this all, is the fact that I had a good opportunity to practice the servant leadership style. You told me how powerful this kind of leadership style is.

Most of the patients are happy, the assistant physicians and the nurses are working very good and we have a very good atmosphere on our ward. This is now for 4 months continuously excellent. And in spite of the fact that we have to work a lot, almost everybody is happy at work.

Your brother in Christ,

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