Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

What is God doing in the United Methodist Denomination?

Reaching the hearts of United Methodist men.

Last August, I participated in a three-day Building Brothers training event in Colorado. As Director of Men’s Ministries for United Methodist Men, my goal was to evaluate the Building Brothers process for use within the United Methodist Church. I felt blessed and empowered by the experience and, further, concluded that Building Brothers effectively addressed the most foundational and critical issues facing men today.

Since that time, we had Dan Schaffer share an overview of the Building Brothers ministry with 75 pastors and lay-leaders in the Los Angeles region. The response has been encouraging, as the crisis taking place in the local church resonated with the group.

Building Brothers asks men in the local church with a heart for ministry to men to come together in a team, to grow closer to Christ, and to authentically model the same servant-leader behaviors that they encourage in others. Authentic Christian reproduction is the result, and its power is explosive. The local church, families, and communities will be blessed by a continuing flow of godly male servant leaders.

This type of leadership is essential for the church to become effective in reaching and growing men in the likeness of Christ. A few men need to say “Yes, it starts right here, right now, with me!”

With God’s blessing, the United Methodist Church will implement regional models of Building Brothers in 2004 in areas across the United States.

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