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What is God doing in Families

Julie Perry addressed this letter to the leaders in her church and shared it with us.

To the “Original Twelve Men,”

I want to take this opportunity to thank Rick Ellsmore, Pastor Ron Brenning, and all of you “Original Twelve” for breaking ground in the Building Brothers ministry. You guys prepared the way for incredible spiritual growth in the lives of so many men!

Let me tell you about a night earlier this month that will always stand out as one of those “foundation stones” along my path of family memories.

The day had been filled with tension, anger, and frustration because of (as it turned out) a lack of communication between our son, my husband, and me.

Late that night, having resolved all the issues and frustrations of our seventeen-year-old’s very busy schedule, the three of us had settled comfortably in the darkened living room. You could sense that this was one of those rare moments you get with a teenage son. It was almost midnight, and the only light in the room was the glow from the kitchen. Then Mac, my husband, stood up and said, “Daniel, I’m going to lay my hands on you and pray. I want to give you my blessing”the blessing of a father to his son.” Mac then laid his hands on Daniel’s shoulders and began to pray. As he prayed, I sensed the most reverent presence of the Holy Spirit within the room. It was as if I were a witness to something ancient and very holy. I heard the words pour out of a father’s heart and cover over his son, like Jacob draping Joseph with his “many colored coat.” And the words of prayer were all at once tender, challenging, encouraging, and mighty. They were led by the Spirit and were precise as to who Daniel is and will become.

I was moved deeply, with utter worship for the ways of God “the Ancient of Days” continuing to bring His heritage down through the generations, even now, here inside my own living room to my own husband and son. I was thankful to be a silent observer within the shadows.

It remains to be seen, all the generational effects of a prayer like that. But, I know that the Building Brothers ministry was a seed for that prayer.

Thank you and be encouraged!

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