Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

What is God doing in Burlington?

Ten men in our church have completed Phase IV and are almost through with the interaction focus. I have really looked forward to these 12 weeks focusing on pursuing God.

It was really helpful for me to draw on some outside resources when doing the interactions. Their direction was good, it just helped to round them out with deeper teaching.

There was a session in which Dan Schaffer shared the touching and powerful story about losing his two-year-old son. The questions were really solid, and I remember the one that asked the difference between honesty and rebellion and are we able to truly wrestle with God.

What I love the most about Building Brothers is the principles that are taught. They are awesome and cannot be found anywhere else: Phase I with the emphasis on the father vacuum and a safe environment; Phase II focusing on servant leadership; and through all of it, the need to make men foundational and build a pathway for men to join.

This last year has changed my way of thinking and revolutionized the way that we approach ministry to men in our church.

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