Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

What can God do in a year?

The vision to disciple men began at Creekside with urgency. Twelve men were personally invited, and each was challenged to participate in a year-long commitment with Building Brothers.

Two groups began the journey with no clue of the adventure before them. They soon learned the dynamics of male friendship and unconditional acceptance by their peers. The men began to see life beyond themselves and owned the responsibility of impacting other men. Throughout the year, transformational changes confirmed to us that God passionately longs to reach every man’s heart.

In a closing ceremony at the end of the year, each of the twelve received a sword engraved with the phrase ‘Band of Brothers,’ which represents the movement of men at Creekside Church in Aurora, Colo.

A new vision was birthed over the last six months for each man to disciple five others as they had been discipled. Now, through that effort, sixty men will start the Building Brothers process this coming year!

Our vision statement reads, transforming the souls of men impacting a cultural revolution. The battle for the souls of men continues. We will “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might” (Ephesians 6:10 NASB).

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