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Whaid's Story

I consider it a personal privilege to have been associated with Building Brothers for the past several years.  My deep sense of appreciation for the leadership of the ministry has grown even more since the Facilitators Training this past summer. Though I had gone through this material before, the three-day training brought it together in a way that I had not seen before.  Indeed, it was a refreshing and rewarding experience.

Now, more than ever before, I am inspired by the vision and passion which drives this ministry.  As I have mentioned before, it is because of this ministry that I more fully understand the negative impact that the absence of my father has had on me personally.  For the first time I understand the meaning of the term “masculine context” and its importance to me personally, as well as to every man in the local church and denomination which I serve.

Because of the personal benefits which have come to my life through this ministry, and because I am convinced that this is something that the Body of Christ desperately needs, I am now challenged to formulate a plan whereby every man within my constituency can go through this material.  Obviously, such an undertaking would be a challenge for any denomination, but given the complexities of ours, this goal is even greater.  Nonetheless, it is our goal, which is the reason a handful of key leaders of the church were sponsored to attend the Facilitators Training.  Beyond these leaders, the plan is to have the Superintendents of each district go through the training within the next year, and then to expand it to district staff through district Workers Conferences.  Eventually, the entire leadership of the church will be brought together around this material at a National Leadership Conference, tentatively scheduled for the fall of next year.

My sincere thanks to Building Brothers for what you are doing for the Body of Christ and His kingdom.  I feel safe in this endeavor because your teaching is rooted in Scripture.  Your vision and passion for the cause you represent, inspires me.  As a church leader, I am honored to be associated with this noble effort, and recommend it gladly and without reservation to all who would heed its message — for the praise of His (Christ’s) glory!

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