Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

The Wheelchair

I was put in charge of a small group of men. It was exciting to watch, as these men that didn’t trust anybody, learned to trust and to develop potential life-long friendships with each other.

It took a good four weeks for these five other guys to realize that whatever they said would stay with the group. They hesitantly started to open up and we were all very rewarded when they did.

The father vacuum was one issue that really resonated with the group and me personally. All six of us in the group came from very dysfunctional families, raised in the 40’s and 50’s. Back then fathers didn’t show love or maybe didn’t know how to show love to their children. My dad had no idea how to show love or affection.

At age 39 I was diagnosed with MS, and I had to be placed in a wheelchair at age 43. My father disowned me when that chair became a part of my life.

My father has since died and I’ve lived carrying a ton of anger and hate for him. ┬áBut, with the help of guys in my group, and this material, I was able to work through the issues and mentally set him in a chair to forgive him. I’ve told him at the grave that I forgave him and the next time he would see me I would be running up to him.

I have a desire to work with men and see the men’s ministry in my church to grow. I’ve been working with our church for about eight years and continue to run into brick walls. I know the men in my church are the most God fearing men I’ve met in my entire life, but they have a hard time communicating with others, especially men. I want to see my brothers united.

The Building Brothers material has been a great growing and spirit strengthening course. There is no doubt in my mind that the Building Brothers process will continue to help me and the men in my church to take a huge step forward in our relationship with God and other men in our lives.

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