Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

Spiritual Grandchildren

It was 14 years ago that Jim Campbell and Mark Cobler connected through a church ministry in Ottumwa, Iowa. “I immediately picked up that this was an extremely difficult time in Mark’s life,” said Jim. “I could tell Mark needed me to help him focus on ‘being’ a godly man before spending significant time on ‘doing’ for God.”

Jim made the strong commitment to meet weekly and become a spiritual mentor in Mark’s life. Their relationship continued to deepen and grow as the years went by. Jim said, “Mark needed somebody to watch his back in the battles of life.”

They became involved as Key Man Ambassadors with Promise Keepers, and during this time Jim saw how vital their time together had been. He said, “God used me to help set Mark free. I could see that He had huge plans for Mark’s life.”

As Mark and Jim were introduced to Building Brothers, the year-long process seemed to give Mark the vehicle to deeply build into the lives of men. During this time Mark was introduced to Brian “Bubba” Dowling. Mark started to talk with Bubba and dig deep into his life. “Bubba had a lot of deep wounds, but God used Mark to help heal them; Bubba quickly became a maturing believer with a heart to serve God,” said Jim. He has gone on to take a group of struggling young men through the year-long Building Brothers process. He continues on with a deep commitment and desire to mentor others. In fact, he has become one of the key building blocks in his church to continue this process forward in years to come.

“I clearly see that my job is not the ‘out-front’ leader, but rather one whose prime function is to mentor the leaders of tomorrow. God continues to lead me to those kinds of guys, helping them become everything they are intended to be, going beyond my abilities and reproducing themselves.”

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