Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

Pat's Story

I am witnessing an amazing transformation in the men involved in Building Brothers.  We have four men involved since the beginning of December.  They cannot wait for each Saturday morning to come around so that we can gather again.  There is great disappointment if for some reason we cannot meet.  These men are sharing with each other on a level that could not be previously anticipated.  I have one man who would never share any personal information.  On one Saturday, he ventured into the session by sharing a deep personal hurt in his life.  The response from the other brothers was one of support and encouragement that provided a safe environment for his sharing.  From that time the sharing has been as natural as breathing.  These men are now praying that the entire church would experience fellowship on this deep meaningful level.  It would transform the church from a place where you come out of a sense of duty.

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I have to say that Building Brothers is one of the best things we have done.  The men involved are engaged in a way that is far different than ever before.  This past session last Saturday, they began to ask the question, “What if the entire church were able to experience church life on this level?”  They believe that the church, both local and universal, would be changed on a very deep and significant level.

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