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Pastor Randy's Story

We’ve been getting together now for two months, and I couldn’t be more encouraged with the transformation occurring in the lives of our men. I have never done anything in men’s ministry where men find so much value in the time together that they try their hardest not to miss. I’ve never seen men so passionate about meeting together. Of our 11 men, we have never had less than 9 in attendance, which is pretty amazing for summertime!

The values of transparency and confidentiality have played a major role in our group. Some of our guys have been burned by men’s groups in the past when they openly shared about a deep wound, or even a deep sin and the guys in the group then told their wives who told other wives. So far, our men have been trustworthy in that way. Our group is real and authentic. Guys say it like it is, and feel permission to be themselves. The lesson on asking questions has encouraged our guys to probe with one another. This teaches them to love by asking questions (a manly way to relate), and helps those who are being probed to feel important and valuable. I think I’ve learned that men (myself included) don’t give long answers to people unless the other person pushes with caring questions.

I’ve also seen guys who grew up in high church backgrounds learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and pray for other guys in a spirit filled way. Everyone walks out feeling quite edified. I couldn’t be happier with the progress in these men.

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