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Pastor Jim's Story

I want to thank you for the week you and the team invested in us. For a number of years now, I have been frustrated with the ministry models being presented by the church at large. In all my talking with men’s leaders, BB is the first time it felt like we were speaking the same language. I am not only better prepared, but even feel more comfortable in my skin, having learned what it means to be a “LIFE-GIVER,” and not just an evangelist. What a freeing approach! Saturday, when I finally had gotten some sleep (red-eyes take me a couple days’ recovery), my son and I took our bikes for a ride (motorcycles, that is). We had time to connect in ways we haven’t been able to lately, due to our schedules. We made a stop at the repair shop where I get my work done. It is called Bangtail Custom Cycles, so you can just picture the guy who runs it—big, braided beard, multiple piercings, tattoos galore, and one leg missing from a bike accident years ago. I took with me a handful of Gospels of John from the Pocket Testament League. The cover had a photo taken from the seat of an in-motion Harley, with the caption “The Perfect Ride.” I told Rick, the proprietor, that his reading rack was a little one-sided (most biker magazines are soft-porn at best), and I had brought some reading material to give some balance. He never batted an eye, but cleared a space on the counter for them. He will come alive one of these days.

More insight form Pastor Jim

I want to thank you for the week. As I mentioned, I’ve been looking for a men’s ministry model that is apprenticeship rather than academically based. You not only hit the nail on the head, but drove it home! I’ll be working with our men throughout the fall; getting them set up for what I hope will be a smooth transition to Building Brothers.

Thank you for building into us as you did this last week. Your presence and participation was a gift. I particularly appreciated your comments on the battle. Too often presenters inadvertently give the impression that the work they are doing is simple and easy. Your words and testimony about your family situation put a human face on the process that is often missing in Christian presentations. Thank you for being so transparent. And thank you for sharing the journey. It is easy for people like me to make unhealthy and even ungodly comparisons of ministries. To know that you as one of the founders of PK, are ministering in a small church, was life-giving. So often, those of us who haven’t had some of the “heady” experiences of the larger evangelical culture, tend to feel like God has somehow passed us by. Even though I know in my head that isn’t true, the thoughts and feelings do tend to come sneaking around every so often. Your participation in the week gave some perspective to it all, and helps me see the significance in my investing my life in a single backwater community for the last 27 years, and watching much of what I had built come crashing down a few years ago. We are coming back, and will be healthier by far, and you and the BB team will be a part of it. Thank you.

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