Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

One Congregation in Wister, Oklahoma

I recently heard the statement that something very significant was lacking in most Christian congregations, and that “something” was the ingredient needed to produce the robustness of a bountiful harvest in local church ministries. The ingredient that he spoke of is a pathway for men-beginning with a place for them to come to know Christ in a comfortable setting and continuing with a track within the church that would lead men to maturity in Christ, reproducing mature Christians over and over again.

What has Building Brothers done for our local church? Women from our church, primarily wives, are saying, “Whatever you are doing with our men, don’t stop. I have never seen my [husband, son, brother] so focused and spiritually alive before.” It’s thrilling to see this process favorably impacting the entire congregation; approximately one half of the men are preparing to participate in Building Brothers next year. Our men, young and old alike, are more comfortable and faithful in being men of God than ever before.

The Christian church has succumbed to mediocrity in its ministry among men. It has (by my appraisal) been unfavorably impacted by a sin-laden society that buys into unbiblical concepts pertaining to the roles of Christian men and women. Or, stated in a more graphic way, the Church has become very adapt at producing spiritually fat babies that seldom grow through puberty, thus making them ill equipped to reproduce themselves.

However, Building Brothers has been a valuable partner at this time in the life of our church, training and equipping us with the tools needed to reverse this trend.

We praise God for the men of Building Brothers who have taught us these principles. We thank them for their generous expenditures of time and energy in assisting us in becoming all that God intends us to be in Christ. The vision of what we can become is coming into focus.

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