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I Had to Come

I did not have three days to spend at another men’s ministry training event. Even though I have worked closely with Dan and the staff of Building Brothers from the beginning of the vision and I shared the commitment to see men transformed rather just informed by another men’s message, I had not attended the Facilitator Training. I have trained men’s ministry leaders for the past 11 years and taught leadership for many more years. In addition, I had recommended Building Brothers to men across the country.

This time the issue was different. My senior pastor was registered and was bringing our three leaders from my church. We had begun discussing the problems with men’s ministry and, for me, it was all too clear. At a recent leadership conference, I had heard: “A problem without a solution is just a complaint.” Clearly, if my pastor could cut the time out of his schedule, I should be able to find a way to attend as well. As men we must do more that just point out the problem with men’s ministry at our church. We must be willing to invest. There is a major difference between attending something and investing in it. I needed to invest.

Sitting at a table with my pastor and men of my church for three days was more than just significant. Together we began to see the heart of Almighty God for men and the power of a church where the building of men is foundational.

For the past eight years our ministry has worked to help churches understand the need and how to develop strategies and resources for “intergenerational ministry.” Many of the principles and foundational issues for our own ministry were developed side by side with Building Brothers.

The principles of reproduction as spiritual fathers and transformational servant leadership that are engraved on a person’s heart during the Building Brothers training is absolutely essential to spiritual maturity and ministry to men and their families.

I believe that one of the great failures of men and leaders is our failure to match our clear understanding of problems with a commitment to be a part of the solution. Men’s ministry is not a regular breakfast and attending an annual retreat.

Churches and families will not experience all God desires for them until we understand how to help men engage in a passionate pursuit of the Living God. I have had the informational knowledge for some time. Building Brothers helped me understand the transformational experience.

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