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Father Vacuum Hole

In Kansas City, Dan Schaffer spoke to hundreds of laymen and leaders from the Assembly of God denomination. He really caught, captured, and captivated each of the district leaders due to the way he approached them.

Dan quietly, but firmly, brought the father vacuum issue before them, and this was used to open their hearts. Afterwards an altar invitation was shared, and men packed the front of the auditorium.

The father vacuum hole is the biggest gap that we face in ministering to men around the nation. Like heart surgery, we have to go back in and repair this significant place. Dan, and the material, has a no-nonsense fashion that gets the men to open up. This is something that every church needs to experience, as we all suffer from the lack of male leadership.

Nothing significant grows without a relationship, and as we continue to partner with each other, I see more churches in our denomination wanting to connect with Building Brothers. Our churches want to have cutting edge material, and Building Brothers offers this as well as help building a full ministry to men.

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