Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men


Phase I: Building A Safe Place For Men (Includes Binder)

Filling the father vacuum and creating a safe environment for men within a masculine context.

  • Building Brothers Overview
  • Filling the Father Vacuum
  • Safety: The Masculine Context
  • Reconciliation
  • Brothers: Men’s Small Groups

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Phase II: Building Unity And Trust

Developing servant leadership, building unity and trust and living a repentant lifestyle.

  • Servant Leadership Overview
  • Repentance: The Lifestyle That Allows You to Be a Servant Leader
  • Your Leadership Style: Challenging Your Assumptions
  • Seven Practical Principles of Servant Leadership
  • A Transformational Environment: The Product of Servant Leadership

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Phase III: Building A Ministry Plan

Discovering the plan for effectively ministering to men.

  • The Overview: Reproduction vs. Production
  • Phase I Discovery Tool: Filling the Father Vacuum and Creating a Safe Place for Men
  • Phase II Discovery Tool: Becoming and Producing Servant Leaders
  • Discovering Your Purpose Statement
  • Identifying Opportunities to Introduce Men to the Pursuit of God
  • Men’s Small Groups
  • Grace: The Heart of the Pursuit

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Phase IV: The Pursuit Of God

We must call men to grasp the opportunity to pursue God versus living in legalistic obligation as well as committing to the battle and not turning back.

  • Opportunity vs. Obligation: grasping the opportunity to be in relationship with the Living God.
  • Victorious Christian Living: Committing to the Battle: victory comes with entering into the battle.
  • Commitment and Communication with God: grasping the opportunity to start the relationship.
  • Confrontation with God: unless we can wrestle with Him as Jacob did we don’t really know Him.
  • Covenanting and Co-laboring with God: how can I find what God is doing so that I can be there with Him?

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