Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

The Process

The Building Brothers Process

Building Brothers: Helping Men Discover the Pathway to Become
Spiritual Fathers

Step One in the Building Brothers Process:

Pastor(s) and Leaders experience …
Building Brothers Leadership Training

Leadership Training Purpose

  • Pastors and Leaders personally experience aspects of the Transformational Process
  • Catch the vitalness of men becoming Spiritual Fathers
  • Understand the process and barriers of Building the Pathway
  • Commit to enter the Building Brothers Four-Phase Process

Step Two in the Building Brothers Process:

  • Building Brothers Four Phase Training
  • Filling the Father Vacuum and building a Masculine Environment
  • Understanding and becoming a Servant Leader
  • Identifying a unique Church Pathway to build men
  • Pursuing God and becoming a Spiritual Father

Four Phase Process Outcome:

  • Transformed Men who Pursue God
  • Becoming Spiritual Fathers
  • Reproduce and Serve the Church
  • Spiritual Fathers who will meet the Crisis!

What’s Your Next Step?

Where are you in this Process we’ve laid out? Where are the men of your church in the Process? Lost in the woods, asking for help, finding the way back, or maybe taking the beginning steps? Let me challenge you to begin to go before God and prayerfully listen for his direction concerning the issues we’ve raised. Do you see the need for a change in the culture of the Church-making it a place of safety and trust where men are becoming Spiritual Fathers who Reproduce additional Spiritual Fathers through a defined Pathway? If so, let me suggest the following plan of action:

  • Purchase and read Spiritual Fathers: Restoring the Reproductive Church
  • Gather a core leadership team of at least two to five men who will commit to the Building Brothers Leadership Training.

Building Brothers is committed to walking alongside you and your church in the battle that is taking place for the hearts of men!