Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

Are We In Crisis

Our Society is in Crisis
because the Church is in Crisis
because Families are in Crisis
because Men are in Crisis

Our Society is in Crisis

  • Broken families are pervasive (culture and Church)
  • Staggering poverty, social and medical costs (addiction, criminal activity)
  • 47 million babies have been aborted
  • 34% of children born without fathers

Our Church is in Crisis

  • Losing the next generation
  • Not winning the un-churched or impacting the culture
  • Thousands of Churches are closing yearly
  • Pastors are exhausted and leaving the ministry

Pastors are in Crisis

  • Thousands of Pastors are leaving the ministry every year
  • Pastors are overwhelmed by the weight of wounded individuals and families
  • Church attenders are primarily consumers versus committed to serving their Church
  • Men are apathetic or absent

Men are in Crisis

  • Men make up only 40% of adult attendance 13 million more women attend each weekend than men
  • Only 33% of men attend Church

Men are Foundational to the Health and Life of the Church