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What Is the Father Vacuum

The father vacuum is the result of the wounds left by our fathers. When we are threatened or hurt, we question our value and competence. This vacuum: a space devoid of anything-is always trying to fill itself with something. Many of us try to fill it with things that stroke our egos and make us feel worthy and valuable. The void makes us susceptible to addictive behaviors; so we are drawn to alcohol, drugs, sex, work, power, money, etc.

I believe each one of us has a father vacuum to a degree. Some have fathers who have tried to model God’s love, and therefore the vacuum is small. For others, whose fathers were absent, distant, or abusive, the vacuum is large. Whatever the size, this vacuum must be filled by our Father God. When we allow him to appropriately fill this void, we can begin to experience self-worth, healing, and freedom. If we do not, the issues with our earthly fathers will continue to block us from enjoying a full and intimate relationship with our heavenly Father, as well as with the people we love.

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