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Servant Leadership

A person’s history of serving is the main qualifier Christ gave in selecting leaders (Matthew 20:25-26). Could it be that those in church leadership need to return to Christ’s basic standard for choosing leadership in order to address the crisis in the church today?

In manufacturing, if you find the right process and add the right raw materials, the right product should come out. Based on this knowledge, those of us in leadership hope that if we share the right message in a classroom or sanctuary, or use the right discipling program, men’s lives will be changed and godly leaders will be the result. But was this Jesus’ model? His model was one of reproduction, where he lived what he wanted to be reproduced in his disciples. In every way, he became the Living Word. While his disciples walked with him over a three-year period, his words, actions, and character were formed in them. After his resurrection, the disciples became, in a very real sense, Christ to the church.

What the church needs now is a change in the way it views leadership – that is, apart from selfish ambition or pride. Biblical leadership must be viewed through the lens of Christlike servanthood. Men must step forward and accept the call to leadership with their eyes fixed on Christ and a desire to serve others. To accomplish this, men must come together in relationship with one another, as Christ did with his disciples, and model what it means to pursue God and live for him.

It has been said that we teach what we know but we reproduce what we are. As leaders, we must be willing to allow God to reproduce his life in us so we can be used to reproduce his heart in others. Only when the Holy Spirit has reproduced a passion for God in us can we be fully used as messengers of God’s love to others.

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