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Church Leadership Growth Path

Have you experienced a pathway in the church that is designed to move a man from spiritual immaturity to spiritual maturity-from spiritual childhood to spiritual fatherhood? Most of us have not. How can we develop that path and what should it look like?

Here you can see a graphic representation of this growth path, with a progressive process at the bottom of the diagram going from left to right. The first column illustrates the importance of the affirmation that the building of men into biblical, godly leaders is foundational to the church. The second column states there must be a core of male leaders living out the pursuit of God so that they can lead the rest of the men of the church into that pursuit. The third column indicates that we must know who the men of our church are and where they are at in regard to their interests and needs. The fourth column communicates the importance of challenging men to accept their calling to influence others and see the positive potential impact they can have. The fifth column conveys the significance of helping men see their giftedness and understand the importance of giving their gifts back to God. In the last column we see that it is crucial to find where God is working and join him there.

Above the church pathway in the diagram is the “Leadership Loop,” illustrating the reproductive cycle that must accompany the pathway. The terms “Leadership Loop” and “reproduction” are virtually synonymous. A leadership core is essential, but if these leaders don’t reproduce themselves in additional future generations of leaders they will wear out and leadership in the church will become extinct. The leadership core must be willing to be the firstfruits, the DNA of leadership that multiplies in the rest of the men of the church. Do you agree this is imperative for the church?

What Needs to Happen?

  • There needs to be a consensus that the building of men into mature leaders is foundational to the church.
  • We need to identify leaders who are willing to pioneer the process. It will require their pastors, including the senior pastor, participating and reproducing with these pioneers who are becoming what they want their men to become.
  • These pioneers must watch for, and identify, the plan that God is revealing to them. At some point they must invite the rest of the men of the church to taste what they are experiencing and join them in the process.
  • They must be continually asking the question: What is keeping our men from pursuing God? The answers to this question will help them remove the barriers that keep men from pursuing God
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