Building Brothers - Helping Church Leaders Build a Spiritual Home for Men

Leadership Training

What is the Building Brothers Leadership Training?

This interactive seminar will be life-changing as you understand the importance of Spiritual Fathering, and have an experience with a Transformational Process that will take men from immaturity to Spiritual maturity. This training is intended to help a Church Pastor and Core Leadership Team, over and intensive three-day period, be exposed to the Four Phases of the Building Brothers Process.

Leadership Training Aim

  • To affirm that men are foundational to the life and health of the Church
  • To identify and assist in overcoming Barriers that prevent men from Passionately Pursuing God
  • To understand how to build a unique Pathway for men to spiritually mature and grow
  • To learn and understand the Process of becoming Reproducing Spiritual Fathers

Uniqueness of the Leadership Training

  • Experience a safe Masculine Environment for men to confidentially share
  • Begin the process of filling the Father Vacuum: helping men restore a healthy view of God… and free to passionately Pursue Him
  • Servant Leadership concepts… based on Biblical Principles and Christ’s Model
  • Taste the Building Brothers Four Phase Process to becoming a Spiritual Father
  • Experience the beginning of personal and spiritual Transformation

What Will You Walk Away Equipped to do?

  • Each trained Leader will be prepared to lead a core group of men within their Church who are committed to entering into the life-changing Building Brothers Four Phase Process…
  • Create a Masculine Environment
  • Knowing how to remove the Barriers that prevent men from Pursuing God
  • Committed to Christ’s Model of Servant Leadership: building Unity and Trust
  • Can build a Unique Pathway for their men to Spiritually Mature
  • Passion to call and encourage men to Actively Pursue God
    …capable of Facilitating the Four Phase Process with the Men in your Church… discovering their unique Pathway to Building Spiritual Fathers!

Are you fully committed to Building Spiritual Fathers?

Please sign up and attend the Building Brothers Leadership Training near you!